The hypothetical film festival project to celebrate the films of the Coen Brothers. The objective is to coordinate a complex set of materials that must function together as a whole. The idea is also to marry multiple messages with divergent formats—all with a unified and holistic aesthetic. This aesthetic has to contain the essence of the directors and their storytelling style.





The name A Bumpy Ride encapsulates one of the most common themes of the Coen Brothers’ films. The Coens are fascinated by losers, who appear as the “heroes” of all their films. Kidnapping allows for comic or dramatic tension, and their films are littered with brutal murders. But they are intrinsically fables of good versus evil. This project attempts to incorporate the artistic expression of the Coen Brothers and five chosen films ( Fargo, Hail, Caesar, O’ Brother, Where Art Thou?, Burn After Reading, Raising Arizona ) in two way–through consistent visual language and design deliverables that mesh together as an integrated system.

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